Explainer Video GOAL To create a pair of explainer videos for the digital prenatal care company BabyScripts. These videos would introduce the company, outline their services, and walk through the functionality of the Challenge Our challenge was to create a visual style for the videos from the ground up, as previous to working with LNC, BabyScripts had never used animations or illustrations as part of their branding. Additionally, as BabyScripts targets both expecting mothers and prenatal doctors, we had to create a style that would appeal to both audiences. Our Approach With our challenge in mind, we set forth to create a unique visual style for the project that would appeal to both of the BabyScripts audiences. We wanted a visual style that was soothing and comforting, while remaining professional, rather than cartoonish or playful. To achieve this, we used simple, elegant illustrations with elements from the interface, and smooth transitions between animations. This made the final product professional and serious without losing the caring, warm feeling we were going for. GIF Assets As part of this project, we created a set of animated gif files for BabyScripts to use on their website and in other digital marketing materials. 70 90 80 13 14 15 16 SYSTOLIC DIASTOLIC 17 18 19 20 BLOOD PRESSURE (mmHg) 12 100 110 130 150 140 120 Services Provided Concept & Creative Scripting Storyboarding Graphic Design Illustration 2D Animation Character Animation VO Auditions & Recording Sound Design

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