GOAL Create an ad campaign for web.com highlighting specific products and services. The campaign would target new small business owners, and differentiate the web.com brand with a light-hearted humor and charm. Challenge Our challenge was to differentiate web.com from other brands targeting the “dreamer” small business owner in the web hosting and design space, and to reinforce the story of the web.com brand. Our Approach We wanted to differentiate web.com by using humor and charm, and by focusing on the aspirational spirit of the small business “dreamer” archetype. We achieved this with deliberate casting choices, focusing primarily on actors with comedy backgrounds, and by structuring the scripts around a central ‘entrepreneur’ character who would be helped by a web.com service. This allowed us to target a broad range of potential web.com customers by speaking directly to their needs. Each video was scripted to have the on-screen ‘entrepreneur’ character interact with the narrator, and for the two to play off of each other. This allowed us to hammer in the key messages, and to create a natural context to answer questions the viewer may have. This white studio visual approach enabled a style of 2D animation we used to drive the “dreamer” concept, and to highlight the products and web.com platform. Scripting & Storyboard Phil is in a white studio. We see him with some pipes VO: Meet Phil. Phil is a plumber We now see Phil with his kid. VO: (continued)- a father We now see Phil with a basketball. VO: (continued) a basketball fan, but above all... We see Phil with a HUGE bouquet of flowers in his face. VO: Phil loves flowers. CUT Website Builder animation. CUT We see a flower shop appear around Phil. VO: Phil wants to turn his hobby into a profession, and start selling his bouquets online. LIVE: Phil speaks to camera. PHIL: I prefer arrangements. A button to access the website builder animates in and a cursor clicks it. VO: Phil should use the website builder from web.com