GOAL Create an explainer video for GetApp that would cover the company’s value proposition for small business professionals and promote their software discovery products. Challenge Our challenge was to create a marketing tool for GetApp that would help them stand out among their competitors, while still reflecting their brand and speaking to their target audience of small business owners. Our video was designed to show the unique personality of the GetApp brand as a friendly, helpful partner to businesses looking for software solutions. Our Approach In order to reflect the GetApp visual brand identity and excite the audience, we chose a mixed-media approach that would include real stop-motion animation, 3D animation, and 2D animation. Because of the small business audience, we crafted a visual narrative around a bicycle store owner and their shop, to show that GetApp’s tools and products are great for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Scripting & Storyboard In the beginning phases of the project we sketched out the storyboard in 2D to establish the overall style, colors, and flow. A (real life) hand comes from offscreen and places down a tablet. It picks up a bicycle from the shop and places it on the tablet. The tablet turns on and the bike shop’s ecommerce store appears around the bike. The bike shrinks and paper icons representing replacement parts, repairs, etc all appear alongside it. They arrange themselves messily as the screen displays a customer profile. The icons transform into different bicycle pieces with symbols representing parts of a tech stack. The camera pans down and we return to the bike shop. We see lines connect the software icons to things around the shop. Based on these 2D designs and visuals from other GetApp marketing materials we then built the figures, models, and environments for the video.