GOAL Create a video to recruit new participants for the CCPM biobank project, a library of blood samples used for medical testing, and explain the benefits and impact of the project. Challenge Our Approach Our challenge was to explain the importance of the biobank, and to explain a complex medical concept to the average viewer in order to build excitement and inspiration and eventually drive participation in the Biobank project. We wanted to educate the viewer without using a tone that could be viewed as condescending or patronizing. To achieve this tone, we chose not to shy away from technical concepts or terminology, but rather to take the time to explain each piece in great detail, and contextualize it for the viewer. By phrasing the video this way, we were able to strike a balance between over and under explaining, and the outcome is a very effective explainer video. Scripting & Storyboard The card shrinks to the center of the screen, and a DNA helix forms around it, representing the medical uniqueness of the individual. VO: Medicine is not one-size-fits-all— sometimes individual patients need unique treatment. We transition to a lab environment where we see different types of medicine and equipment on a table. VO: ...CCPM is researching how our genetic differences may help predict, diagnose, treat and prevent disease. The camera zooms out to show a group of scientists doing research testing. VO: Researchers learn more about certain diseases by looking at the biobank’s genetic data and medical records collected from thousands of people like you. The camera zooms further to show a grid made up of several similar scenes of labs and doctors. VO: With more participants in the biobank... The grid morphs into the page of a pamphlet being read by a patient. Text on the pamphlet indicates it's about Personal Medicine. VO: ...they get a more comprehensive view of how genes influence health and disease... The camera perspective swings around to show the patient is reading the pamphlet in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. VO: ...which could lead to huge innovations in personalized medicine. Key Visual Design Design & Illustration