GOAL The objective of this video project was to create a live-action commercial for Mouser Electronics, a prominent semiconductor retailer. Drawing inspiration from classic adventure tales like Indiana Jones, the video aimed to equate computer engineers with explorers who ignite innovations through their discoveries and creations. This concept harmoniously blended the spirit of exploration and adventure with the world of technology and innovation. CHALLENGE When initially presented with the idea of a commercial that highlighted the ease of access to semiconductor technology offered by Mouser while juxtaposing it with globally renowned yet inaccessible locations such as the Vatican and Fort Knox, the creative team faced several intriguing challenges. The core challenge was to translate this concept into a compelling narrative that would vividly convey Mouser's vision. The client's desire to feature specific places like the Vatican in the video posed an additional creative hurdle. However, the most significant challenge lay in the fact that, while resources were available, they were not limitless. The budget constraints meant that physically filming in each of these global locations was unfeasible. The team needed to devise a script and storyline that would vividly bring the client's vision to life while making efficient use of stock footage. OUR APPROACH With the “inaccessibility” concept in place, as well as the locations Mouser wanted to feature, we needed to find a narrative core that would tie it all together. We decided to add a 'hero' character, an explorer in the vein of Indiana Jones. We placed the 'hero' character in one of the locations, the jungles around the Lost City of Z, searching for the mythic location. We then cut quickly through the other locations with stock footage, using the voiceover to introduce each, before coming back to the 'hero' about to uncover the Lost City. To conclude the video, we see the 'hero' character wake up to reveal he is a computer engineer in an office environment. He is awoken by a delivery worker, bringing him a piece he ordered from Mouser for his newest creation. With this final reveal, we are able to draw a clear comparison between the innovations of computer engineers with the discoveries of explorers. This reveal also illustrates the juxtaposition of the inaccessibility of the locations and the limitless access provided by Mouser Electronics. EXECUTION To execute the project effectively, the team opted to run it through the Buenos Aires branch due to the complex production requirements, including the jungle setting. This strategic decision not only provided access to the natural environments needed, but also access to an extensive production team while staying within budget. By filming in Argentina, the team delivered a video with production value that was approximately seven times less costly than if produced in the United States. Given that the video relied on voice-over narration rather than spoken dialogue, casting was straightforward, and the video was localized for multiple regions to enhance its accessibility. The pivotal exploration scenes required meticulous art direction to capture the action-adventure movie aesthetic, taking cues from the Indiana Jones films. The team scouted various jungle locations and meticulously planned the set, wardrobe, makeup, and shots. Moodboard of props and character references