GOAL Create a series of promotional videos for Mobileye, based around case studies. The series would promote and explain Mobileye collision reduction solutions, and showcase success stories of customers who used the safety tech. Challenge Our challenge was to communicate customer success stories, and to highlight the positive impact Mobileye products had on their rate of collision, and to remain engaging and convey a trustworthy image. Our Approach To create a clear sense of Mobileye’s value to consumers, we decided to center the videos around client testimonials. By highlighting their voices we were able to create a real sense of product value as the clients speak from a position of authority, being regular users of Mobileye products. Showing clients from successful companies getting positive results helped to build a feeling of trust and brand buy-in around an otherwise fairly new product. For each case study, we tried to maintain a consistent visual style and editing structure in order to create a cohesive, coherent video campaign that felt like it was all part of the same brand. To do this, we used integrated text animation for key information and a radar-reminiscent color and line-art overlay when describing Mobileye vision features. Crafting The Story The LNC team worked closely with Mobileye to better understand their suite of products and how they are used by drivers in= consumer, commercial, and industrial settings. To communicate these key points we interviewed drivers, fleet managers and company owners in order to give a trustworthy human face to the message, and communicate a variety of cases for the efficacy of Mobileye products. In order to achieve the desired outcome for the video, we crafted an outline and the interview questions that would lead us there, and shared these with the interviewees ahead of time so they could prepare for the shoot day. The problem What were some of the challenges your fleet was experiencing? Were you doing anything before to address safety? What other solutions did you consider? Why did you decide to go with Mobileye? Our relationship with Mobileye (Mobileye in our fleet) How did you first find out about Mobileye’s technology? How does Mobileye’s technology improve your day to day work? Can you share your experiences with Mobileye? Was there a learning curve? How quickly did you adapt to the product? What do the drivers think about Mobileye now? Introducing P&B (Who are we - What we do) Tell us a little bit about P&B and the work you do How many trucks/vans do you have in your fleet? How many routes do you do? How many drivers do you have on the road at any given point? What is your philosophy on customer satisfaction? What is your mission here at P&B and how does Mobileye help you achieve it? Key Visual Design Our visual approach utilized live-action testimonial interviews and driving b-roll, with integrated animation used to represent the Mobileye product and text animation use to reinforce the voice over narrator. Services Provided Concept & Creative Development Shoot Prep 1 Day Shoot Graphic Design Video Editing Color Grading 2D Animation Sound Design Deliverables Mobileye - P&B Case Study Video