GOAL Create a video marketing campaign to introduce SiriusXM’s new ‘available anywhere’ streaming service. The campaign was intended to inform current SiriusXM customers of the new features and make a case to potential new customers for the additional value of SiriusXM beyond car radios. Challenge Our challenge was to create a campaign for SiriusXM’s mobile app that could target two audiences: active car subscribers in an older age range, and new users across a wider range of age groups. Our Approach We decided to create one main promotional video, built around custom 2D animation, to walk users through a typical day with the SiriusXM mobile app, and show the content available to users throughout the day on a variety of devices. This video would target both audiences by raising awareness and generating excitement around the product in a broad sense. We then created two educational ‘how-to’ style videos, centered around the app itself, to explain how best to take advantage of the mobile experience. By building the video around the platform, and using integrated 2D animation to call attention to key features, we were able to effectively explain the app’s functionality. The first ‘how-to’ video targeted the older demographic car subscribers, and explained in detail how to get started using the SiriusXM app. The second ‘how-to’ video targeted both audiences and walked through the app’s features and functionality. Scripting & Storyboard Transition to a CU - we see an iphone placed on a treadmill, a hand comes in frame and clicks on the workout station. We cut to a CU of an Alexa Echo Show that sits on a kitchen counter, it’s playing a station on SiriusXM. We see a Close UP of a Google Nest Hub playing SiriusXM’s Coffee House station - in the foreground we can see a hand with a pen writing. The surroundings morph into a subway and the hand taps on a new station “Hip-Hop Nation” We stay in the same POV of an iPhone and the surroundings morph into a coffee shop - a hand grabs the iPhone, which now is playing a news station. We see a hand peak in with a controller, a SiriusXM video starts playing on the TV. Key Visual Design For the commercial, we used a 2D animated approach with some 3D renders to create a diverse variety of scenes in which the SiriusXM platform was being viewed and used. This approach allowed the focus to remain primarily on the platform, while still displaying the versatility of the new streaming service. For the ‘how-to’ videos, the platform animation was contained within a mobile device and was supplemented with integrated “quick-tip” graphics and text animation to help draw attention to features and their layout.