GOAL Create a highly convincing crowdfunding video for Po.et, centering on the Po.et platform and its Bitcoin blockchain capabilities, as part of the preparation for its ICO launch. The strategy focused on producing a 2D animated explainer video, showcasing the integrity of the website for content creators and publishers alike. We arranged the video to inform potential users and contributors that they can protect their content from infringement on Po.et while keeping it searchable and presenting publishers with a safe way to find quality, original content. Our video relied on a minimalistic animation style to maintain clarity. We ensured that the video was both accessible and informative by covering complex topics with visually stimulating movements and transitions. Strategy Process Results The success of this marketing campaign has granted us more video projects, branding activities and web design work for other cryptocurrency companies. The results of our video were exceedingly favorable: $10 MILLION With Po.et raising within a month of their ICO The video also reaps THOUSANDS OF MONTHLY VIEWS on the ICO landing page Explainer Video (click image to play)