GOAL Create a series of social media videos promoting products, solutions, and services around the Walmart Wellness campaign. Challenge Our challenge was to condense each subject into a video that would be short enough for social media, while maintaining a friendly tone and retaining the detail necessary for the audience. Our Approach We wanted the videos to quickly and effectively convey the necessary information to the viewer, while keeping a tone that is friendly, caring, and inviting. We achieved this using text on screen to make each video dense with information, and a soft, cool visual style to maintain the friendly feeling. By approaching the project this way we were able to make each installment rich in information, while still keeping them short enough for social media use, and with a comforting and engaging tone that matched the subject matter. Scripting & Storyboard Flu Shot Video Visual: Text on screen animates in. VO: Did you know we offer flu shots at Walmart? Visual: We see a hand come on screen with a phone. VO: It’s easy! Visual: The Walmart app is open. We see them filling out some basic info, then scheduling an appointment. VO: Just open the app to schedule an appointment, fill out your contact information, answer a few questions, and you’re ready to go. Visual: We see the character enable location services. VO: Use the app to find your nearest store,... Visual: Transition to an exterior shot of a Walmart store. VO: so you can easily schedule your appointment for the next time you shop. Visual: Transition to the pharmacy area and seen by a doctor in a COVID mask. VO: It’s never been more important to look after your health and wellness... Key Visual Design We created original illustration following Walmart’s brand guidelines. The backgrounds are minimal, flat colors to draw attention to the foreground, and to allow the use of clear, legible text on screen. Designs Flu Shot Video Scripting & Storyboard ReliOn Video