GOAL Create a shareable mixed-media video for IBM and Mashable to explain how data science technology could impact society, using bikeshare programs as an example. Challenge Our challenge was to find an exciting visual style for the video and to use that style to transform a dry subject matter into an entertaining and shareable piece of content. Our Approach To create a unique and shareable style for the video we decided to use a mixed-media approach, blending stop-motion animation with live-action, and 2D animation. The combination of practical, real props with illustrative graphics and text gave the video an exciting and creative look. Because of the subject matter we decided that a more practical, tactile aesthetic would give the project a human feeling that would help the audience understand and appreciate how data science impacts their lives. To drive this point further, we ended the video with a live action sequence which gave a real life face to the bicycling character we had shown throughout, in order to connect with the viewer on a human level. Scripting & Storyboard We see a car drive in from the left side of the screen - in the car we see a woman relaxing. VO: In a world of self-driving cars... She is reading a book. VO: and intelligent drones... The car reaches an “Old school” style tv - when it goes through it we see an old bike inside the TV. VO: the resurgence of an old-school way to get around might come as a surprise.