Apple App Store Changes: Has Your Business Changed with it?

In mid-2017, Apple revealed a newly designed App Store. We’re sure you’ve seen it already: the improved interface, the simpler aesthetic, the separation of apps and games, and the implementation of app preview videos. That’s right, the new app store supports videos— so how has your business responded to it?

The addition of videos to the app store makes sense: a 2017 Optinmonster study shows that 81% of businesses that used video marketing saw an increase in sales, and 97% agreed that the use of explainer videos helps users better understand the business. But app preview videos aren’t your average marketing videos: they are short videos that can be used to show off your app and catch the attention of your potential customers in seconds! Using a preview video allows for you to show off your brand and give a sneak peek into your app before purchasing. StoreMaven’s A/B tests have proven that apps with preview videos can increase install rates by more than 25%.

Now that this App Store update has caught on, our co-founders Eddie Nuvakhov and David Levy spoke to Entrepreneur with advice for app developers. According to Eddie and David, there is a specific strategy to use this new kind of video— brands should build a portfolio, vet video producers, and target each video carefully. The first step is the easiest: you will need to take an inventory of the videos that you already use across platforms. From this, you can gauge what you’ll need to make a more cohesive brand.

Since videos are easy to make in today’s tech age, it’s important to find a quality producer that will immerse themselves in your business. This could come in the form of a creative video agency, like LNC, that has experience and ability under their belt, and is willing to thoroughly research your market space to successfully appeal to your target demographics.

The third requirement for a video’s success, according to David and Eddie, is targeting. Each and every video that is produced should have a purpose, therefore should appeal to a specific audience. Without a clear target audience, the video won’t stand out, and you won’t have a coherent metric for success.

It’s no question that app developers should invest in an app preview video before the competition picks up. When producing your preview video, keep in mind the App Store rules that you must follow: take advantage of the mobile format, prioritize your quality of production, target both muted and unmuted audiences, show off your app’s best features, and capture audiences within the first few seconds!

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