9 Easy Camera Hacks That Will Make Your Work Look Professional

We all know the struggle of owning a DSLR camera, but not the fancy equipment that professionals use. Here are our top 9 easy camera hacks that you can do with everyday items— your photos can look professional, and no one needs to know what you used!


DIY rain guard

Going out to take pictures in the rain? Use an empty CD spindle and cut out a hole for your lens. Protect your camera from the water and take some moody weather shots at the same time! As they say, bad weather days are the best days for photography.

Coffee sleeve hood

If you’re in a pinch and forgot your lens hood, just run to the nearest Starbucks. A coffee sleeve will do the job! Just slip the sleeve over your lens and snap away.

Underwater shots

If you ever wonder how to get underwater pictures without getting your camera wet, we have a solution for you! Put your camera inside an empty fish tank (or any clear enclosed container), and submerge the tank. Your camera doesn’t get drenched, but you still get the awesome effect. Just make sure to keep an eye on the container– you don’t want it to sink!

Tights over the lens

Light too harsh? Stretch some tights or stockings over your lens. This diffuses the light, and softens any hard highlights or shadows

DIY soft box effect

Another way of making your own soft light is to hold up an inflated white plastic bag near your flash. This will evenly diffuse the light from your flash onto your subject!

Cling wrap for haze effect

To make your photos look hazy and dreamy, place some cling wrap around the edges of your lens. The plastic should be slightly in sight, but keep your focus on your subject!


Another way to get a hazy filter for your photos is to use Vaseline— but don’t put it directly on your camera! Stretch some cling wrap over the front of your lens, and rub a small amount of vaseline onto the plastic.

DIY shadows

To capture beautiful patterned shadows, you can mimic light coming through windows. Do this by cutting out your desired pattern on cardboard, and then holding your masterpiece in front of a light source.

Lens flare

To create lens flares or reflections, hold a reflective surface and right by the lens. Position it so it gives you the look you want!


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