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Welcome to The LNC Productions Blog!

Who we are: LNC Productions is an exceptional video production company with many successes already in the commercial arena. And we aspire to do much more. We envision a world we communication solely through motion pictures. Our goal is to become masters of this language, which will make us the go-to production powerhouse for impactful, memorable, commercial content. We are thrilled to connect with all of you through this new avenue! There are thousands of video production companies out there, but we stand Read more

Keeping Social Media Social: The Best Times to Post for Engagement

So you’re curating amazing social media content like a pro and posting consistently, but it still isn’t driving the results you want to see. Maybe it’s merely a lack of brand awareness, or maybe it’s an unfavorable amount of likes and comments— in the cluttered social media sphere, you just want your efforts to come to fruition. Building up a social media presence is quite the task, and timing can play a huge role in your success. We’re here to Read more

Going All In: The Importance of Not Cutting Corners When Producing a Video

In the modern age of technology, the entry barrier for the video production industry is pretty low. True quality content comes few and far between, as do their creators. While businesses are scurrying to create video marketing content, many fear over-spending on it. They end up hiring nonprofessionals with limited experience, thinking that they’ve achieved maximum cost-effectiveness. This isn’t always true— in fact, it rarely is! LNC is here to show you how important it is not to cut corners Read more

Apple App Store Changes: Has Your Business Changed with it?

In mid-2017, Apple revealed a newly designed App Store. We’re sure you’ve seen it already: the improved interface, the simpler aesthetic, the separation of apps and games, and the implementation of app preview videos. That’s right, the new app store supports videos— so how has your business responded to it? The addition of videos to the app store makes sense: a 2017 Optinmonster study shows that 81% of businesses that used video marketing saw an increase in sales, and 97% agreed Read more

9 Easy Camera Hacks That Will Make Your Work Look Professional

We all know the struggle of owning a DSLR camera, but not the fancy equipment that professionals use. Here are our top 9 easy camera hacks that you can do with everyday items— your photos can look professional, and no one needs to know what you used!   DIY rain guard Going out to take pictures in the rain? Use an empty CD spindle and cut out a hole for your lens. Protect your camera from the water and take some moody weather Read more

How Social Media Took Over the Internet: A Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is arguably the hottest online marketing trend right now. It’s so “in” that you have probably encountered ads without even knowing! If you’re wondering how to start including influencer marketing in your strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a influencer marketing guide with all the basic must-knows! What is an influencer? According to MediaKix, influencer marketing is a $1 billion industry. At its current growth rate, taking into account users, influencers, and the market size, it could be Read more

Video Production Basics: Equipment 101

If you’ve read our blog post on the basics of lighting on set, you’ll know it’s a complicated process that uses a lot of equipment. But don’t worry: we’ve got all the skills and equipment under our wings, and you should be in the know too! So, we’ve compiled a list of must-have video production equipment for capturing audio and visuals for your video! Audio If you are looking to have dialogue (or really, any kind of audio) in your video, you’ll Read more

Benefits of Having a Landing Page Video

Goldfish have an average attention span of 9 seconds. And according to TIME magazine, humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds. If something doesn’t catch our attention within 8 seconds, we will push it to the back of our minds— your audience treats your landing page the same way. So, what does this mean for you? Your landing page must capture and hold your viewers’ attention! Having a video on your landing page can do this for you, and Read more

Video Production Basics: Lighting 101

Lighting is easily one of the most important factors while filming on set. Why? As Gustav Wilde of Cogito Creative puts it, “lighting is literally everything. What the camera does is record light… the only thing the camera picks up is light.” However, cameras have a hard time capturing light as the naked eye sees it. If you want a scene to look natural, you have to make it look natural to the camera. Once you’ve mastered the art of controlling Read more

The 3 Keys to Video Marketing Strategy: How to use your video to its ultimate potential

Your video is going to be a great resource for you, but it can’t do everything on its own. The most important part of producing content is the underlying video marketing strategy. Your content needs a place to shine! It’s easy to get lost in the details of making a video and forget why you’re investing your resources in this creative marketing outlet. Although video tends to be more personal, more fun, and more relatable, the key is to approach it the same Read more

Video Marketing vs Video Advertising: How they differ and when to use each

If there’s anything the social community has learned in recent times, it’s that video rules all. We see video everywhere: brands, companies, and organizations all use videos on their media platforms to show what they’re offering. Consumers see the message without being conscious of the underlying business strategy. You take them down the path of commerce, arriving squarely at the call-to-action. Do they care if the strategy was video marketing vs video advertising? Nope. But as the company, do you? Yup. So does anyone really know the difference between Read more