GOAL Create an explainer video about the ALTA system, a photomask production tool used in semiconductor fabrication. The video would target semiconductor fabs which use the ALTA and explain the benefits of updating and modernizing the system. Challenge Our challenge was to explain a highly technical subject in a digestible format, while retaining the level of detail needed for industry insiders to understand. Our Approach In order to depict the highly complex technology involved in the ALTA system, we chose an informative and straightforward tone, along with a 3D animated approach. This allowed us to show every angle of the machinery, in order to capture each detail as they were explained in the voiceover. To draw further attention to the important details depicted in the 3D animation, we chose to use a minimalistic environment to represent the Scripting & Storyboard A timeline of the ALTA products (PP slide 2: Continuous History of ALTA Development and Support) The timeline collapses into a single ALTA machine (3D) sitting in a factory surrounded by other nondescript, less-detailed machines. Begin to highlight the benefits of the i-Line Speed and Modernization Package around the ALTA machine. Zoom in further on the ALTA (3D). Show the electronics rack being removed and the new rack replacing it. Show Linux-based control system being added. Visual of the ALTA product. Show external laser cooling unit and utilities distribution center being removed and replaced with integrated ECU. Still zoomed in on ALTA (3D). Rotate to show enhanced optics and solid-state laser being installed into the print head area. 3D Model & Key Visual We chose a futuristic, technological look to highlight Applied's breakthrough technology and to help drive the message of the importance of modernizing your system to obtain maximum efficiency. To achieve this we created a 3D environment to depict the factory, which we chose to keep minimal. To represent the ALTA machine we created a detailed 3D model which replicated the machine and its components very faithfully. The resulting aesthetic looked digital and modern, while placing the viewer's focus on the ALTA machine.