Like most beginnings, ours is simple: understanding your product. Once contact is made between you and our team, we get to work on learning as much as we can about your brand, products and/or services, and your market. Then, when we feel that we have gathered a sufficient amount of information about you, we proceed to create a concept, typically in the style of an explainer video, a brand video, or a commercial, followed by a script or treatment, specially suited to your needs and desires. This will act as a blueprint of sorts for your video, and once approved by you, will guide us through the rest of the creative process.


When you give us the greenlight, we begin pre-production, which is the casting, scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, shot list planning…(and a lot of other stuff.) Let’s face it, beauty’s in the details, and your iPhone is just not going to cut it. You can play as large a hand in this process as you’d like, or if you prefer to sit back, we will take care of all the deep, creative work, consulting and approving everything with you, while you concentrate on what most matters to you - your product.


Next comes the fun part: production. This is the most important part, with countless hours standing and a big crew, making sure all the details we planned in the previous step don’t get lost in the craziness of production. We plan production intelligently, and because a set that is full of crew and talent costs a lot of money, we try to make sure we achieve the most we can in a day to keep your cost low, while allowing us the time necessary for quality footage.


We then head into post-production. This is fun, but tedious; it’s the place where our magicians complete the crafting of your unique story, and again it’s all about details. This step consists of careful shot selection, editing, color grading, sound mixing, narration, animation, music, and so much more. Yeah, here is where everything really comes together. It’s all for nothing unless we deliver you a truly beautiful video, with value far exceeding what you are paying for. From our inception, we’ve decided to do everything in house - in order to make sure that every person participating in the creation of an LNC video understands our vision; we’re telling a story that matters to you and to us. This not only establishes quality control, but also, ensures that most of our videos are completed in much less time than all of our competitors. And the best part is, during this full process, you can contact us each day, around the clock, with unmatched customer service, which guarantees that in the video, your company will be represented like you want it to be.