GOAL Create an ad campaign for Tripadvisor promoting a number of business-facing products. The campaign would target property-owners looking to improve their performance on Tripadvisor, and reflect the diversity of businesses which use the platform. Challenge Our challenge was to create animated marketing videos that represent and speak to the diverse, global audience TripAdvisor is famous for, and pitch a set of marketing and sales tools to b2b clients. Our campaign was designed to show that the TripAdvisor suite of business products are effective no matter who the client is, where they are located, or what size of hospitality business they have. Our Approach In order to showcase the advantages of TripAdvisor’s suite of products and highlight the diversity of their b2b clients, we centered each video around unique hospitality businesses across a wide variety of geographic locations. Because of the business-owning audience, we chose a direct and informative narrative that frequently framed features around how it could improve profit margins and productivity. Scripting & Storyboard We see a guest leaving the hotel receive a notification We see a few European buildings, one is visibly a hotel. The camera zooms in on the hotel then pulls back out, showing the hotel in a mobile review platform The user scrolls through reviews for the hotel We see reviews increasing the bubble score, and the hotel moves up in the ranking. They take out their phone and have a lightbulb moment We switch perspective the hotelier receiving a notification, and transition to a stylized platform animation showing the reviews dashboard, and response too Stylized platform animation shows insight and analytic tools indicating improved performance for the hotel Key Visual Design For this project we created a completely new and unique illustration style, portraying the diverse geographic locations of Tripadvisor clients. We chose to set each video in a different location: a European city, a Japanese hot spring, and an American bed and breakfast.