Content vs. Distribution: How the two exist in harmony

Content vs. distribution

When it comes to marketing your business or product, content and distribution are two of the most important players in your campaign. It is important to keep in mind that using the two is like putting on a careful balancing act; each depends on the other.

Content: document everything

If you’ve got a solid product that you’re confident in, don’t hold back from taking every opportunity you can to document each step of the process in creating your final product. Showing a behind-the-scenes look at what you do can lure in a client and keep followers engaged. Take pictures and/or videos of your machinery, of your employees hard at work, and of your product in the process of being made. Don’t forget the finished product, of course!  

Posting content like this shows that there are real people and hard work behind your product. Wouldn’t you want to know more about what you’re buying than just the exterior?

Distribution: more than what meets the cell phone

You never know where a potential client is looking, so it’s good to distribute your content in every way you can. This goes beyond social media: it’s about emailing contact lists and having an impressive website to go hand-in-hand with your social media. You want to be promoting your website with every post you put out to the media world. Pro tip: having a noteworthy website is half the battle!

Balance: it’s complicated

You shouldn’t be distributing too much if your content volume is low. You want to make sure that you have enough pictures and videos before you start posting a bunch of them at once. Consistency is key in your distribution process, but remember not to post the same content twice in the same structure. Content and distribution have a directly dependent relationship. If your content volume is low, you want to advertise in increments so that as your content increases, your distribution can increase alongside it.

Social Media: your best friend, if you treat him nicely

Small, medium, or large: no matter the size, every company should be getting themselves out there on every social media platform to advertise what they’re offering. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Vimeo, or Snapchat — the list goes on — you should be marketing your company on at least three of these platforms. As little kids say about birthday gifts, the more the merrier.

Need another reason to use social media? A client may use your name or “@” tag you in a post that directs their viewers straight to you. Social media is here to stay. It can be helpful to your company, if used correctly.


Putting your name out in every way you can will also increase your SEO prominence. Do yourself a favor and use all the content you can to distribute yourself correctly!