The Many Different Marketing Video Forms, and How We Produce Them

There are two main marketing video forms that we produce: explainer videos and brand videos. The third, smaller category is social media campaign videos, which are based off of the first two categories. The form of marketing video we make for you will depend on your needs!

Explainer Videos: the only way to make explanation interesting

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like—they explain what your company is offering (your service or product) and help the consumer understand what you’re doing. An explainer video tends to be 30 seconds to 1 minute long, but can vary based on what you need. This type of video focuses on the who, what, why, and how of your company (and what you are selling). It’s based on a logical description of your company’s basics, not the emotional background. It will typically end with a call to action, which essentially tells the audience to buy whatever you have. These videos are as simple and straightforward as possible, including only the facts behind the story.

Brand Videos: Providing the inside scoop

The purpose of a brand video is a little different, and slightly more complex. Here, you’ll meet the MVPs of the company— the founders, someone from C-level staff, and maybe a member of the board. The goal is to take a deep dive into the internal structure of the company. You’ll want to introduce the brains that are making the magic happen, and to entice investors to buy into their vision. These videos humanize the company! It portrays you as more than just a data engine or tech producer, but rather a working team of people that are striving for success.

Let’s say a company sells wearable health technology. The brand video will feature the founder telling an emotional story that led them to this need. For example, maybe a sibling was hospitalized for a medical complication. They would tell the story of this relatable event that inspired them to create a product to help others. It’s an emotional story that tugs at the audience’s heartstrings, and will inspire participation, usually through fundraising.

Choosing your video approach: it depends

Both explainer videos and brand videos can use live action and animation; it just depends on what the company is offering. For instance, if a startup is launching their new tech project, it makes more sense to use animation to show the exact capabilities instead of listening to someone explain it. However, if we want to bring more brand awareness, we will combine a human testimonial along with animated clips to really bring the experience to life.

Think of a company like Nike. An explainer video would show their newest line of shoes, what they look like, how they’re made, and their unique features. It would be simple, straightforward, and you would come out wanting to buy. On the other hand, a brand video would feature the CEO, their chairman of the board, or an athlete whose life was changed by Nike. Or, it might be in the form of a commercial, where we hear the story of an underprivileged kid training for the Olympics. It doesn’t necessarily talk about the products, but it shows the inner heart of the company. This makes the company human and relatable! After watching it (and tearing up a little) you go buy shares of Nike stock. Then, you share that video on every social platform you have. You just improved Nike’s brand awareness, and it all started with a video.

This works for small startups too, especially ones that are launching some unique product or ground-breaking platform. The explainer video will be essential in helping regular people understand the basics of it. The brand video will help the audience feel comfortable with the team, encouraging viewers to trust them enough buy in on whatever they’re selling.

Social Media Videos: Putting your foot in the door to progress

Social media videos are generally smaller cuts of an explainer or brand video made exclusively for a social media platforms. Their purpose is to keep your company’s social presence warm and interesting by providing little loops of content every few weeks. This also reminds your audience of what you do and why they want it! Attention spans on social are short, so these videos are quick and to the point. The point is to constantly bring your company to the top of the viewer’s mind.

Of course, each project has different needs and will require unique approaches to truly communicate the message. Watch our examples of our work here!