The 3 Keys to Video Marketing Strategy: How to use your video to its ultimate potential

Your video is going to be a great resource for you, but it can’t do everything on its own. The most important part of producing content is the underlying video marketing strategy. Your content needs a place to shine! It’s easy to get lost in the details of making a video and forget why you’re investing your resources in this creative marketing outlet. Although video tends to be more personal, more fun, and more relatable, the key is to approach it the same way you would with any other marketing strategy, focusing on what you want to accomplish.

When thinking about your video marketing strategy, there are certain things you should consider. How will this video help my audience understand our vision? Does it explain our mission well enough for the call to action to work? Have we shown off our personality? You already know the amazing aspects and benefits of your company… but that’s because you’re on the inside. Think about your video from the viewer’s perspective! After all, they’re the ones you’re trying to reach. Video is a very versatile element, so make sure you’re using it to the best of its potential.

Show your personality

Video offers you an amazing opportunity to show your clients and potential customers the true personality and culture of your company in ways that a regular article or piece of text content. Think of ways to incorporate humor or emotion into your video that reflect who you are as a team, and as a brand. Visual content allows you to be more imaginative and creative with your delivery and approach, so take advantage of it. Even if you aren’t doing a branding video, there is still an opportunity to share your story in your marketing video,whether it’s through an interview, an animated scene, or clever narration, helps the audience relate to what you’re offering. However, this isn’t just a free-for-all of content creation; it needs to be a well thought out story, so make sure you plan correctly.

Explain Yourself

Unless you’ve got the new Facebook in your hands, chances are you aren’t the first to provide your product or service. Take this opportunity to explain what you’re doing that’s new or different! Animate the product, get some testimonials, tell your founder story— do something that helps the audience feel closer to you and your company. Take this opportunity to really show off and make your product look the best. Is there a value proposition that you feel makes you unique? Make it known. Use your video platform to truly show, rather than tell, your customers what makes you so special.

Call to Action

Your video has no purpose if you don’t call your audience to an action. You don’t have to ask for some big gesture, but do encourage participation on their behalf in some way. Whether it’s with a contact form, social media interaction, or simply buying your product, you want a reaction to your video. Most people hear the words “call to action” and imagine one of those obnoxious flashing ads that pops up on your screen telling you to “click here” or “call us”. It doesn’t have to be that grand! All you’re trying to do is create a path of engagement that leads to website conversion, brand awareness, or increased revenue.