Brand Case Study: Babyscripts – The power of video in the health-tech space

A health-tech company in the prenatal space reaches both doctors and patients across multiple communication platforms.

The Problem

Babyscripts needed something that could bolster their entire sales pipeline, from marketing to in-person sales pitches, in order to maximize user acquisition. As a company in the prenatal space, building brand trust was essential to their sales goals. They needed a video that could reach both doctors and expectant mothers, and ultimately help to close off their pipeline.

Our Solution

We approached the problem by taking a look at the pain points of Babyscripts’ target audience. On both the doctor and the expectant mother’s side, we found the biggest barrier to conversion was a lack of connection and trust with new, unknown brands. Doctors don’t have a lot of time, and they’re used to sales pitches, so we needed to engage them quickly. Expectant mothers are understandably cautious about who they trust their pregnancy to. So, the brand had to be portrayed as qualified, trustworthy, and passionate about their work.

For this reason, we determined that a video focusing on the people behind the Babyscripts brand that were communicating their core messaging and values would be the most successful. This video strategy is not optimized for social media. Therefore, we also suggested a shorter, animated video showcasing the Babyscripts UI to generate social media interest. The call to action we incorporated in the social media video sent viewers to the main landing page. This lead them to the brand-focused video, which allowed us to create a seamless sales funnel, helping qualified prospects convert.

The Result

Babyscripts maximizes their ROI on the project by using their videos in a variety of ways. They host them on their website, use them for on-site sales meetings, display them at conferences, send them out as followups, and include them in their email responses. They like to tell the story of how they successfully shared the video with 25 members of AETNA, and by the end of it, “half of them were sighing and one had tears in her eyes”.

“We’re really happy with the video, it was exactly what we were looking for. You could tell everyone cared about making it right”, says Babyscripts. “LNC put together something that exposed all aspects of our product, as well as feedback from users.”