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Portfolio 17 Agora Promo Promotional
Portfolio 15 Karissa, 16, "I wish to be a model in New York City!" Promotional
Portfolio 16 ThirdParent Promo Promotional
Portfolio 14 ASTI Sizzle Promotional
Portfolio 18 Wildes & Weinberg Law Firm Promotional
Portfolio 2 Agora Loop Promotional
Portfolio 3 World Values Network Awards Gala Video 2014 Promotional
Portfolio 8 World Values Network Highlights Video 2014 Promotional
Portfolio 12 Dr. Samuel Belkin Documentary Documentary
Portfolio 13 When you listen to a Witness, you become a Witness Promotional
Portfolio 5 DRY CLEANING Promotional · Short
Portfolio 9 SECOND CHANCE Short
Portfolio 1 YS Commercial Commercial · Promotional
Portfolio 7 HIDE & SEEK Promotional · Short
Portfolio 10 A Personal Story of the Maspeth Jewish Center Documentary

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LNC Productions

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LNC Productions is a New York- based creative boutique and production company specializing in video advertising, with an emphasis on the art of storytelling and communication. We are a diverse and dynamic production team who will take your project from initial concept to full-scale reality with professional quality, unique vision, and stunning results tailored to your budget and requirements.

The footage we create will be integrated to your identity to form a complete marketing campaign. This ensures your message is accurately received across a multitude of digital platforms. Driving awareness of your business is key to growing your business and video marketing in the digital era is your primary means to effectively promote your brand.

Whether you're a small start-up or a corporation, we'll work with you to develop design and produce the campaign you've been dreaming of. We start by listening to your goals from beginning to end. We gain trust by treating others with integrity, respect and fairness. We continue to demonstrate these values in all our interactions. One day at a time, helping you is our passion.

We cover all steps between concept creation and finalized product


We offer a vast range of quality services including but not limited to:


Concept Development
Script Writing
Location Scouting


TV/ Web Commercial
Instructional / Training
Music Video


Video Editing
Green Screen and Compositing
Color Grading
Title design

At LNC, what we do is more than just knowing how to operate a camera and lights. We believe the most powerful tool in our arsenal is the imagination. Whether you come to us with an idea, a script, a goal, or nothing at all, we'll build a product that your market will love. We'll develop, shoot, edit, and make it shine with our sharp creative eye; we're here to make your product stand out above the rest. Our directors, editors, and photographers use the latest technology for the fastest, most powerful and efficient workflow.

The brand marketing we offer covers televised/online commercials, sizzle reels, social media and promo videos. Examples of our corporate video services include pitch videos to investors and potential clients, business presentations, CEO profiles, training videos for workers, industrial, instructional, recruitment and fundraising videos. We also make documentaries and videos for non-profit organizations.

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