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Who we are: LNC Productions is an exceptional video production company with many successes already in the commercial arena; yet we aspire to do much more. We envision a world where communication is solely through motion pictures. Our goal is to become masters of this language form, which will in turn make us the go-to production powerhouse for commercial content that will actually reach the consumer in the world of fast media. We are thrilled to connect with all of you through

Oh, The Places You’ll Go: Places to share your video

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, or know what LNC is all about, you know it’s no secret that we are biased about using video for branding purposes. Once your video is made, you should be posting it all over and trying to get as many “likes” and “shares” as you can. There are many platforms for video sharing, and it is important to know the right places to post your video. We have compiled a list of the most

Content Advertising: Why video advertising does it best

As a production company, we’re partial to videos as a medium (obviously), but we swear it’s more than just superficial love. Not only do we truly love producing videos, we genuinely believe they are the best marketing tool for content advertising. Why you’re behind in advertising if you don’t brand yourself through video. Technology has taken over our world, to the point that no one bothers to read anything if they have to scroll past the first screen (this blog is the

What Makes Your Content Shareable: Sharing is caring

Why People Share Content Ever scroll through your Facebook feed at dinner when your friend gets up to use the restroom? Find yourself watching videos from your feed just to avoid awkward eye contact with people at the train station? No matter the reason you’re watching videos on your newsfeed, everyone else is too. The whole world is constantly watching videos, shared or not, all the time. The reason you find all these videos in your newsfeed is because your Facebook friends

Animation vs. Live Action: The primary colors of video production

Choose With Caution One of the choices you will have to make when creating your video is what format will fit your concept best: Animation or Live Action? Both have their flaws and advantages, and one is not inherently better than the other. The choice must come from what type of message you want to get across, and how you want your viewer to react to that message. The decision must come also from looking at all of the parts that

Why does sound matter in a video? : They hear the sound, and it’s your strategy that keeps them listening

Video vs. Audio; two things with different meanings, yet also two things that coexist commonly, especially in the video production world. Most people think of audio as simply how you hear what is going on in whatever it is you’re listening to or watching. Audio: More than what meets the ear. Sound is one of the most important components we look at while recording and editing a video, so read more below to find out why! Frequency: Not the repetitive type If there’s background

SEO: Friend or Foe? Make SEO your friend with these tips and you’ll be on the ladder to success!  

SEO: to some, a taunting acronym, to others- a best friend. To define the term, search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine– including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Okay, enough of that boring stuff; we’re here to give you the low-down about the main SEO tactics you should be keeping in mind.

Are You Animating? Always Keep Your Design Files

Our goal is always perfection, no matter the client, and regardless of the project’s objectives. We seek the highest quality, starting from the first tiny detail through to the end of the process. The Breakdown Video production is manifested in two parts: live filming, or through computer-generated animation. The first generally includes humans or staged scenes, and the second is for things like the animation of a user interface platform, or to make on-screen objects come to life. When we’re working with live

Location, location, location: Not just a real estate matter

You can have an elegant script, beautifully talented actors, and the best crew in the world, but if your location is lame, your video probably will be too. Think of it this way: your location literally sets the scene. If you’re trying to bring about an emotion and your location reflects a different one, your message will be off and the audience will just get confused. Interviews It’s important to choose a location that allows the focus to be on the

Case Study: Babyscripts – The Power Of Video In The Health-tech Space

A health-tech company in the prenatal space reaches both doctors and patients across multiple communication platforms. The Problem Babyscripts needed something that could bolster their entire sales pipeline, from marketing to in-person sales pitches, in order to maximize user acquisition. As a company in the prenatal space, building brand trust was essential to their sales goals. They needed a video that could reach both doctors and expectant mothers simultaneously, and ultimately help to close off their pipeline. Our Solution LNC approached the problem

Video Production Glossary

Video production is a complicated business, and we want you to understand what’s going on. It’s our favorite thing so, of course, we understand it but we want you to be in the know. Below are a bunch of terms you’ll hear us say during the production process, and their simplest definitions. Don’t understand something? Just ask. Animation: Using computer generation to bring photographic or design elements to life B-Roll: The cutaway shots of other people or surrounding to cover the